Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Auto SIS Installer for Java Mobiles

How to use:
1, you need to duplie all the programs you want to set up on E:ThinkChangec or E:ThinkChangee
2, get into the AutoSisInstaller program, media �StartInstall�, it will instantly set up all the information in that folder
3, After the procedure is finish, there would be a conclusion informing you which information never set up.
Why using AutoSisInstaller ?
1, Have many preferred programs to set up after a firmware update?
2, Want to try many appliions after purchased a new phone?
3, Get tired to media many important factors to set up an applion
Another awesome usage:
Share with your companion your preferred appliions! Install AutoSisInstaller to the storage, and just connect your storage into his system, all your preferred programs in the E:ThinkChange file will be instantly set up to his device!

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