Wednesday, May 25, 2016

NCAA 08 by Robertson

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Wow, I'm rlly getting fat. I think it's sad to not have any friends. What time do you think you'll arrive? Do you know how to drive a car? Give us a second. Doctor, what is the problem with me? I don't need it. Hther Johnson. He moved into my neighborhood. What is your aim in life?
Ncaa 08 : - I seem to be lost.
- I'll wait here till he comes back.
- Nancy wants a pair of red shoes.
- She smiled.
- Oh, they have good food there. What did you have?
- It tastes rlly grt. Did you cook it?
- Mexico is south of the United States.
- The soap hurt my eyes.
- You may give this picture to whoever wants it.
- NCAA 08
- As far as I know, they always keep their word.
Oh my goodness. They are about to start. She stared at him with hatred. What time do you get up in the morning? You look like my sister. OK, how about 12:30PM? I bought it for 10 dollars. I love you. How far have you studied? We have barely enough brd for brkfast.

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