Wednesday, May 25, 2016

yahoo webcam

We can view the other persons Yahoo Webcam, Who is always denying us. One drawback of this is that, you need physical access to the computer whose cam you want to . Follow the below steps to do this
1) Open the following loion C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger
2) You will find the file ?res_msgr.dll?. Delete this file.
3) Download this file from the below link
4) After downloading it, Paste this in (C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger)
NOTE: Don�t replace the file. Delete the file first and then paste the file in the same folder
Then close every thing and restart the system�
How it works? The ?.dll? file should be placed in the victim�s computer (whose web cam u wants to see). Then you go back to your system and login to your messenger and place a ?request? to see their cam. Then definitely they will press ?NO? this is the place where the will work. The moment they press ?NO? u will start seeing them.

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