Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tricks And Tips

Ok you now know the basics of your journey, here are some tricks that you can use.

1. Shutdown Error
Ok this is a trick , when you click on this icon your about to make it will shut the computer down in the amount of time you set lets say 1min and you can lve a message, our message will be "You Got Owned".

To make this 1. Open Notepad, 2.Type Shutdown -s -t 60 -c "You Got Owned"
3. Save To Desktop As shutdown.bat (DONT FORGET THE .BAT)
4.You will now have an icon on yor desktop thats called shutdown.bat
5. Double click on it to execute and an error message will come up saying
"Shutdown Will Commence In 1min" and below that will be a message saying you got owned. Thank You That Is My First Trick.

(To abort, open another command prompt and type shutdown -a)

Shutdown Computers Over The Network.

To make this 1. Open Notepad, 2.Type Shutdown -s -m \\ (IP Address)
3. Save To Desktop As (Anything).bat (DONT FORGET THE .BAT)
4.Double click on the icon and wait.
5. Now there is of course other ways of doing this, rd the post on the front page,

you can also open CMD and type "Shutdown -i"
Thats My 2nd Trick Thankyou.

Batch File That Deletes Other Things.

This batch file will delete any file on your computer, be carefull now its pretty simple first of all
1.Open Notepad
2. Type
3.@echo off
del "Path Of File You Want To Delete" /Q /S> nul
4. Save as "Anything.bat"
5. Execute It.

@echo off
del "C:/Documents And Settings/Custard/Desktop/lol.txt" /Q /S> nul

Crting a pause in a batch file
Crting a pause in a batch file is not a complied thing to do, basically all you have to do is
start writing your batch, then have your first command then go down a line and type PAUSE then -t xx (xx being of seconds
then the next line continue with the rest of your

Make Batch Files run on startup:
To make a batch file run on start up go to C:\\system32 then find the file autoexec, there may be different extensions to this file the main ones being .bat, .nt, or .exe, then open in using notepad, then edit it placing the word start followed by the loion of the batch file (example: My Documents/example.bat) in the file then saving and closing.
Thank you, Enjoy,

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