Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anti-Virus Final + Free Download

Free Download Anti-Virus7.0.0.125 Final + | DownloadAnti-Virus7.0.0.125 Final + | Anti-Virus7.0.0.125 Final + Free Download

Anti-Virus7.0 and Internet Security 7.0 offer all the advantages of the version 6.0 products, while new cutting-edge technologies enhance performance still further. The new products also fture an even more user-friendly interface.

One of the main improvements included in the seventh-eration products is a powerful heuristic analyzer that, with the help of the existing proactive defense module, detects and removes unknown malicious programs based on their behavior. This mns that version 7.0 home user products, which also include the traditional signature-based detection of thrts, provide three-fold protection from all types of known and unknown malicious programs. This multi-tier protection system is unique and affords the home user unrivalled protection.

Internet Security 7.0, the integrated solution that protects home users from all types of online thrts, also includes a of improvements that grtly enhance its functionality and protection capabilities. The new Parental Control module, which includes a linguistic analyzer and blacklists forbidden web addresses, allows parents to control their children�s Internet browsing i.e. block access to portals that display violence, pornography and drug propaganda. The Privacy Control module, which protects confidential data, prevents the theft of potentially lucrative personal information, including email addresses, s, bank details and credit card s.

Although the functionality and protection provided by Internet Security 7.0 has been significantly enhanced, the product is even sier to manage than its predecessor, and even inexperienced users will find it sy to installs.

Anti-Virus7.0 and Internet Security 7.0 were developed with Vista in mind and are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

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