Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Any Account Using Backtrack 5 friends Now i will tell you how to any account using backtrack 5

first you need to install back track .

Step 1: Open Command terminal and type


Step 2 :type ./set see in picture below

Step 3 :Select 2.WebSite Attack Vectors
Step 4 :After done step 4 Now Select "Tabnabbing Attack Method"
Step 5 :After done step 4 Now Select "Tabnabbing Attack Method"
Step 6 :Now Select "Site Cloner"
Step 7: Too important step here When you have done Step 6 then it say "Enter The URL to Clone:" which mns here Enter the page address of login page which Phishing Page you want like i want make FaceBook phishing page so i have going to enter :

If you want make Gmail Phishing page so enter as same as for Twitter,Yahoo and any one you want make. See below pic.....
Step 8: When you have done step 7 then it called to press Return so write Return like me and press ENTER same as below pic...
9.Now my IP works as Phishing Page link so send your IP to your Victim by Chat or Email and by any path
To find your ip type in terminal ifconfig
When your Victim open your send Link then a Phishing Page come in his browser
Now When your victim Enter His ID and for open his account then page Refresh and change into Rl URL page and ID come into your Terminal Screen see below pic....
hope you like.

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