Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Facebook Fan Pages

Well it will tell you about a new technique and also will incrse your knowledge so that you may not become victim of such , But Always remember:

Note: Never use these tricks to harm any innocent, Just incrse your knowledge and We will not be responsible for any harm caused.

The purpose of this trick and is to attack a fan page by fooling the admin by social engineering, I saw some people becoming victim of this, So i decided to tch about this to my loyal rders. Don�t forget to share this with friends.

Things we shall need:
1. Facebook page .2. A free hosting.3. A or script to run that �Facebook page .�.4. Your facebook email id.5. Brain ( A bit )I will try to be simple, but if you don�t get anything then kindly ask at comment below.1. Facebook page :
Download this from the link below, Complete the and you will get this for free.
Now, After downloading it you will get inside it also, and also the , First we have to edit it,=>Editing the :First of all see you facebook email id which you used to signup at facebook, see pic below thats the pic of :Now change the highlighted id to your�s facebook id, Above its,
2. Get free hosting:
Well t35 and 110mb won�t help you in this better go to and
Upload the .3. Using the by or script:
There will be a text file in the downloaded package from Link, named as forboostfans.txtopen it, You will get a script in it, Now the main thing is social engineering, Now its up to you that how you give him , Well Change the following part in the to your own script path:Change this to your hosting , and also change the e name in this if you have changed it while uploading as suggesting.
Tip: En this in ASCII format, Victim might not know what is this.Now, Give the to victim (He must be admin of page) and ask him to paste this in browser address bar
Tip: Tell him that it will make your page safe, or ssomething else like attracting.
When he will put this in address bar and thats it you will get a notifiion that you are admin of his page now.Enjoy, But don�t for bad cause, I will not be responsible.

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