Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Garena Mega Exp Download NEw 2013

Gareena Mega EXP :

- Gareena mmega Exp is now available for download and guide is also available , This is a simple Gareena Mega Exp Tool it does not have any map or custom kick , this just provides mega exp 300 for basis and 600for Gold member per 15 miinutes . I added it becasue a lots of people wrer asking for it , Plsures continues Rding to check the download link duide of using Mega Exo .

- Extract Gerena Updated by Dota-utiliteis.rar files using Winrar Archive .
- Open the folder you have extracted the files and open 'Gerena Mega Exp .exe '
- A Window will Pop-up which will Request for username /and UID just type in it ..

- After that a comment promt window will Appr Just lve it for Few hours Then Logg in your acount on Gerena and see a huge boost in Your EXP ( Levels )

NOTE : Basicmember will Gain experiance after using this for 30-40 minutes whilw gold member will start Gaining Experiance in 15 Minutes , If you miss Map Ftures in this Gerena HAck you can Use Old Gerena HAck v3.0.3 to bypass Anti Then use the ..

Click on Download Button below to Download Gerena ...

Warning ! Use this At your Own Risk . /

- Download it .
- Post your comments below .
- Thank You !

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