Wednesday, May 25, 2016

H0w do E-mail Spoofing With0ut m@king it Spam!!!!

E-mail Spoofing is very sy, But Spoofing E-mail without making it spam is rlly very hard
It was being a small challenge for me !! But nowadays P is one of the best way to spoof E-mails without making it spam, So I just found a new way How to Spoof E-mails 100 % undetectable by any Spam detector.............So let's start now

What is E-mail Spoofing ?
E-mail Spoofing is a fake connection of mails that can be Spoofed to mail fake Mails for eg. An ATTACKER can send mails to any E-mail ID without Logging to victim's ID or the Spoofer ID, & an attacker can STL victim's Personal data or information

Here is one example How can an Attacker send you mails with any E-mail ID, without making it's Spam

Let's take 3 E-mail ID for Test

Now Suppose if u wanna send mail to Kevin from Mac ID so you can use many types of FAKE MAIL SENDER OR ANONYMOUS E-MAIL SENDER, But all this services is spam, So i just crted a P file that can send any mail to any E-mail ID without logging to any a/c, NOTE This service is not detected Spam yet ...
So if you wanna send mails from Mac E-mail ID to your victim's E-mail ID, without logging in to Mac ID, & 100 % FUD (Fully Undectable) by spam detector it is called as a E-mail Spoofing 100 % FUD

You can send mails to Kevin, from Mac & the main thing is if suppose victim's replies to your mail ?? so in whom E-mail ID it goes, It goes in Attacker E-mail ID
I mn
So to do Spoofing Attack Go on my P page & friends do not Explode this trick much !! This is my P Page to Spoof E-mail's without making it Spam

E-mail Spoofing Chart

How To Do ?
First of all download Spoofer from the Tool Room below link -After all upload it on any free hosting server - get free domain and Access it. After all you'll see your Spoofer is rdy Now spoof mails.
CLICK HERE TO Download Spoofer(Srch with the name of E-mail Spoofing attacker {P Script to Spoof E-mails})

Step 1


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