Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hide Data into ! (Steganography )

Is the art and science of hiding messages, s, Data .etc in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the Data, a form of security through obscurity. By using this trick your data will get hidden into any of your choice without reducing its quality, In following tutorial i will show you how you can hide data behind s without using any software:

1. Crte a folder in your C drive and name it as �hide�

2. Copy all the s you want to hide and also the behind which you want hide into this directory.

3. Now select the s you want to hide and add them to archive i.e keep them in winrar.
Now you will see one more file named �hide.rar� in your directory.

4. Now open command prompt and change your root to your current directory as shown in the and type the following command:

Copy /b aish.jpg + hide.rar output.jpg

Here �aish.jpg � is the behind which you want to hide.
�hide.rar� is the file of s to be hidden.
�output.jpg � is the output file that we want.

After executing the following command, we will see an extra called �output.jpg�

Now you can delete all the files except �output.jpg�. If you double click the file, it opens a normal . But you can see the hidden files by opening the file with winrar.

This tutorial can be used for any type of files like ,wmv,txt etc
can we hide logger(remote installation file, .exe file) behind the in this way... so it can be automatically executed when run by the victim??? - No, because it should be opened as an executable to open the file.
i.e we cant open it unless we have an executable in it.

Hope you enjoyed!

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