Wednesday, May 25, 2016


One way to change the IP address of the computer is by using a Proxy.
Now we need to go in deep of thiscrtionfor better understanding.

What is a Proxy?

In eral a proxy is an IP (Internet Protocol) or an intermediary who can serve as a media liaison with the ISP connection. Proxy is one of the functions can change our computer identity (IP) with a different IP. Here are tips on replacing the IP with a proxy:

For thiscrtionI use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Consider the following example, before I change to using the toolwhat is my ipIP and loion of the server looks as follows (IP deliberately Blur because the interests of privacy):

After I enter the proxy would look as follows:

All identities will be changed by entering the proxy.Follow these steps to change the IPIn the Browser tap Tools> Options, then the box will pop up the following configuration

Then selectAdvanced> Network> Settings, will appr as follows:

FillHTTP Proxywith your Proxy, for example I use dataIP: 80Country: Italy
Then press theOKto terminate. You can find out your computer with the new IP toolwhat is my IP. while for some you can use proxy todownload Proxy here.

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