Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to inbox people from anyones account.


How to send messages on facebook from someone's profile to some other.Some of you might know this alrdy,but anyway here it is.

Step 1: First off you will need to pick 2 people from your friends list. One will be the inbox sender and one will be the reciever.
Lets say we picked John for the inbox sender and Mark for the reciever.

Step 2: Since John is sending the inbox we need to get his Facebook login email. Go to their profile and click on about.. wait.. what's this? Their login email is hidden? Well we're going to have to use something else to get their email.. hmm.. I got it!

Note: Their login email is not their email.

Step 3: Since their email may be hidden we need to use something else to get it. Go to and login with Facebook. Once you have set it all up click import contacts from Facebook. Boom, you have almost everyone in your friend lists email address. Srch for your inbox sender and copy his email address. Lets say John's email

Step 4: Hd on over to is a spoof email sender and can send an email to anyone as anyone. Where it says 'From name:' and 'From email:' put the senders email address. So it should look like

Step 5: Now you must find the receivers email to receive the fake email in their inbox. Hd over to the receivers Facebook profile and click on about, and copy their email.
Lets say Mark's email

Step 6: Go back to the email sender and where it says 'To:' add the Facebook email address.

Step 7: Do not write anything in 'Subject:' just go down to 'Text:' and add what ever you want to send to the person.
The page should look like:

Text: by -=_ Fida _=-

Now fill out the Captcha and click send.

you have now sent an inbox from your friends account to your other friends account! You can also update statuses via this method by finding out what their upload email is, but that is for a different tutorial.

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