Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How To Make Your USB (Pen Drive) Bootable

In this Tutorial we are going to see how we can make USB bootable using simple software. Most of my personal Visitors are facing problem with 7, 8 OS which they do not know what to do with all the downloadable ISO files. Don�t worry this is actually the answer available for you. Within the on its way several ways you'll study how you can make USB bootable. It will assist with dispose through s since at this point people don�t have to have all of them.

How To Make Your USB (Pen Drive) Bootable
1. First download this simple software for making your pen drive bootable.

Download From Here
2. After downloading this Universal USB Installer, run it.

3. Now choose the operating system such as 7, 8 etc�

4. Now Browse the ISO file which you had alrdy downloaded. If not here are few options for you.
Free Download 8 Evolution 2014 (x86/x64)Prctivated.Free Download Win XP Professional SP3 Integrated May 2013. 8 Ultimate Final + Full Version.5. Next choose the USB flash drive i.e. which drive name is assigned to your pen drive by the system.

6. After this click on crte button and your pen drive start becoming bootable. At the end click on finish and you will get bootable pen drive which you can use to install a new operating system in your Laptop or computer or workplace where ever you would like.

I hope that now you will be able to make your pen drive bootable. If you still face any issue with this, feel free to lve your valuable comments. We try our best to reply to your comment as rly as possible.

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