Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RaiderZ Ultimate Tool V 4.5-2013

RaiderZ ftures four eric styles, or classes: Defender (tank), Sorcerer (magic damage dler), Berzerker (melee damage dler), and Cleric (hler). The style you choose will initially determine the types of abilities and wpons open to you. As you progress through the game, you can eventually cherry pick abilities from other styles in order to crte any sort of character you want, making for some interesting class combinations.
The first zone, Mast, sets the stage for every zone that follows it, with mini-quest hubs throughout and small groups of quest mobs inhabiting only specific ars. RaiderZ's story, as told by these quests, isn't particularly gripping. However, it does introduce you to the game's trdmill progression, where players receive quests to kill specific monsters that in turn drop crafting items, allowing you (through the help of an NPC) to forge better equipment, so that you can in turn find and kill bigger monsters.

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