Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Sang-Froid combines both action and strategy in an innovative way to crte an epic gaming experience that lets you make full use of your cunning wit, quick reflexes and� your sang-froid!ch night, the Devil sends his horde of werewolves to attack your cabin deep in the forest in an attempt to kidnap your sister, who has mysterious magical powers. Will you be able to stop them?
� Take advantage of the calm during daytime to fill your forest with all kinds of traps that are as inventive as they are ddly.
� When night falls, use the wind and lure the diabolic bsts into your traps using baits� But watch out! You have to be constantly on your guard to make sure you don�t become the prey of the bsts you are tracking!
� If some of the bsts get past your traps, that�s when it gets bloody! First you can shoot them with your trusty musket and then eliminate the ones that survive by slaughtering them with your axe! Action and carnage guaranteed!
� All the mechanics of the game revolve around the revolutionary concept of Fr Factor, which makes your ability to terrify your enemy your best wpon. Use fire to frighten the wolves and ster their packs.
� Choose one of the two O�Carroll brothers and develop your character using a skill system based on role-playing games (RPGs) making your hero as unique as he is powerful!- Choose your gaming platform and Click on the erate button.- You will get your for the gameSang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves.- Next, copy or memorize this and enter it in the game window.Enjoy the game!People who want to play the most popular games without the constraints of a costly and long term , always have to option of downloading a working for the game.

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