Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Send Facebook Request In blocking

Facebook is a popularsocial network sitewhere we can sily connect with our friends, family's. However Facebook don't makes it sy for us to add unknown people as our friends. You may have experienced a stage at lstone timein your FB account showing a popup message that your friend request has been blocked for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or even 30 days. At that time you can't send out friend requeston Facebookto anybody no matter if you know that person or not you been banned to send request for a particular time period. This is due to Facebook guidelines which don't allow us to send friend request to strangers because it considers it as spam, for that rson facebook temporarily turned off your sending friend request option. This is usually done to protect personal privacy of peoples, quite a few people use to add unknown people as their friends and make misuse of theirprofile. Here we will give you some trick not to get banned from sending friend request onfacebook andsome guidelines to keepyour accountnotdisable.

This is an working legal trick to send friend request to your mutual friends and unknown people
1.Get the person'semail addressfirst .2.Visit AddPersonal Contacts as Friends3.Here you can send friend request even if your are blocked by using their email address.4.If you want to send friend request to lot's of friends here is anquick andsy way to do this.5.Open up a newnotepadfile, paste all your friends email separated by comma (,)6.Save thenotepadfile with theextension .vcf7.This is your list of your contact files containing yourfriends email address.8.Go to Add Personal Contacts as Friends click on the last option other tools there you can find upload contact file.9.Browse your .vcf file and upload to the facebook.10.It will send friend request to your friend's by email and facebook.
You are done!
Simple yet effective!

-> How Not to Get Blocked by Sending Friend Request on FB
If you just joined facebook add some few peoples you know them say about 10-20 members that you closely know. Let these people confirm your friend request first. Don't send frequent friend request to peoples,let the pending request be confirmed first after that you can send request. Always add people with a time gap of 2-4 minutes. If you send request consistently then a popup box showing to solve the captcha. Add people, which hashigh of mutual friends so that facebook don't consider it as spam.Let us know if you any tricks to send friend request while your block in the comments below.

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