Wednesday, May 25, 2016

sy Screen Capture v2.0 With Free Download

sy Screen Capture v2.0 With Free DownloadInformation:sy Screen Capture could be a full ftured screen capture package which will capture any a part of screen from your desktop. It will capture scrolling and full sites. With this powerful screen capture tool, you'll edit captured pictures and saved to the foremost fashionable file varieties. you'll add text annotation, arrows, shapes and different objects to make skilled screenshots for inclusion in on-line tutorials, Word documents, manuals, promotion material, shows, websites, emails and then on.
Ftures:Screen Capture.
-Capture full screen, active window, active window while not frame.
-Capture , buttons, toolbar, controls and alternative objects.
-Capture elect region, 3 form supported: parallelogram, spherical and conic section.
-Capture scrolling and full web content.
-Can capture some DirectX mode games and s.
-Include mouse indior in capture.
-Can pan last region and rept last capture. Editing:
Tabbed multi-document viewer and editor.
-Add text annotation, stamps and alternative objects victimisation drawing tools.
-Directly edit s: crop, cut, paste, scale, mirror, rotate.
-Change the looks of s: blur, sharpen, brighten etc.
-Save as most well liked formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png.FileSize: 2.61 MBDownload NowOrDirect Download

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