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Wifi 2013 � How To Wifi

Different ways to Wifi How to a Wifi ? This is not a sy task, so after many yrs we have crated a very interesting program. This program is called v5 and Wifi wiil be piece a cake.
Step 1:Just point your mouse to the social buttons bellow!Step 2:Click and the installation process will beginNext you must open the program and enter SSID . The you only need to click �start� and the will be .
How to a Wi-Fi network and how to find it�s ?
First, let me tell you what Wi-Fi is! Wi-fi is a recent technology used by gadgets to connect to the Internet without the use of wires. The Wi-Fi Alliance says that Wi-Fi represent �any wireless local ar network (WLAN) products that are based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards�. Because many WLAN use the same standard, WLAN became a synonym for the Wi-Fi word. Interbrand invented Wi-Fi as a play on words with Hi-Fi (high fidelity), and also crted the Wi-Fi logo. This certified trademark can be used only by those Wi-Fi adaptors which pass the Wi-Fi Alliance tests and standards. If it has to do with a connected cable, then the Wi-Fi network is much more vulnerable to s attacks. Sites which aren�t sertified with SSL and are usually unencrypted are those which will try to stl the Wi-Fi and any other private datas such as s or account passworrds. Even this intruder will try to take them, it will be harder for them if the router is protected with WPA, WPA2 or WEP encyption security. An extra fture extra from 2007, known as Wi-Fi Shielded Startup (WPS), experienced a serious ch in which let a grt to recoupy the actual router. The latest router devices come with the strongest protection ever known and are very hard for s to be brken into. That�s, of course, if you don�t change the with which is proveded. Ussualy, the routers have eric names and s such as the brand or name of the router, or even admin or 1234 as username and .
The Wi-Fi is used nowdays for devices such as PC, Console such as PS 2, Ps 3, Xbox 360, PS portable (except the E-1000 one) and any other console which have 3G or Wi-Fi connection toghether with laptops and smart and non-smart . Those devices can access the Wi-Fi by using the sho called hotspots, where free internet is ussually given by restaurants or Internet providers. You need to be within 100 m to receive the signal, and it can only be received outdoors. What you receive indoors is the signal of a neighbour�s router, not a hotspot one. Hotspots can have low signals (10-20 meters) to strong signals, which take a few kilometers.
Any device which has Wi-Fi connectivity can receive Internet signal from this hotspots. The interconected devices are called hang-outs and can be seen ch other for distances of over several miles. Outdoor open public Wi-Fi technologies have been used properly with wifi mesh networks with Liverpool, London, and nerally in the big cities from all the United Kngdom. Wi-Fi is a grt way for companies to promote their businessess; it�s very clr that, if there are two restaurants with the same prices and services, but one have also Wi-Fi connectivity, the one with the Wi-Fi will win. And it is not too expensive to provide Wi-Fi, just connect the Internet cable to a router and let it flow. Enthusiasts or perhaps specialists who want to offer products and services or even to enhance company with selected parts at times offer no cost Wi-Fi gain access to. Also there are companies which, in exchage for space used by antena�s on the rooftop of the flat of blocks, gife free internet in that flat. The are radions risks but who cares when you have free Internet, right? I thought so!
If you want to aquire a router, take a brand one, like Belkin or D-link, because the no-name chinese ones are very vulnerable to attacks and can brk sely. Don�t risk to lose all your money from the bank accounts or s with your daughter naked posted on the Internet just because you did�t wanted to spend a couple of extra pennies at the right time.
The same can apply to a mobile, battery powerd router, which is included in every cellphone existent. Many phone provider give free traffic for their clients in WAP, 2G, 3G or even 4G connectivity, depending on the country you live. Almost all smart have nowdays a sy OS to use such as Android, iOS, and the now dd Symbian OS, which make possible to connect to any Wi-Fi decive and also to interconnect. Internet pucksgive separate services in this sort at the same time, without use of any touch screen phone; these include this MiFi, as well as WiBro branded equipment. Out there are also many devices such as notebooks, ultrabooks and even laptops which use Wi-Fi to find any information the users want.Now, let�s turn back to the topic of this article. How to a Wi-Fi network and how to find it�s ? This is a question many people asked. But now you don;t have to ask yourself anymore. Here is the sollution to all those frustrating days when you were at countrysite, isolated from the rest of the world and you found just a single, slow router. And that was ed too. Then you and your phone are useless. That�s why our tm of developers invented the most powerfull tool on the internet: Wi-Fi v5. With a butifull design, a silverish skin and a blueish font, this is one which is very, vet, very sy to use! Even my granddaughter Mary managed to use it in order to play with her virtual friends on the Internet. What do you have to do? First, type the SSID of the router. Ussualy is admin or the model of the router: you can just find it by scanning with the utilities. Next, choose the security type: it could be WEP, WEP 2 or even WSK, it depends on the router. It doesn�t matter what type of security is, every type is able. Next, press on Start and the program will handle you the . Now you have free internet. Congratulations!
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