Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Download Net Tool
Get Into any Wireless Network with, Net tools 5 Have Wireless signals in your ar? but cant use them cuz they have security? This Tut will tell you how too use nettools 5 to get into them, First you need too see what wireless networks are in your ar, this is pretty simply first,

Open Control Panel.

Then view network status and tasks,

Then click on manage wireless networks,

Once you find what kinda security it has, as high lighted below, open nettools

NetTools Side of TuT,

Once you have nettools open, then, Start> Network Tools> WEP/WPA , it should look like it is below,

Once Open, select the type of security that the Wireless network your trying to get into has, then select "Hex (0-9,A-F)",

Now you Need too select a Length, the best one too use is, 64/40 bits, once you have done that,Be sure to click on the Calculate Space,

Now simply hit erate , and your will appr,

Now simply copy and paste that into the bar, when prompt to, when your connecting too the Wireless signal,

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