Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Best Facebook Tips & Tricks collection.

FacebookIs A Fast Growing And Dominating Social Network Community now A Days.Over Millions Of People Are now UsingFacebookDaily But Due ToFacebook Software Restrictions,They Are Unable To Enjoy 100%.,And Many Of Them Feels Frustrated,And They Need Some Extra Functions To Be Added In TheFacebook.

Facebook Tricks:
1:Free FaceBook Chat Sms:
Yes,You Can Now Send Free Sms To Your Facebook Friends Or any Other Friends By Using This Handy Facebook Appliion.
FB Chat Sms
2:AUTO LIKE FACEBOOK COMMENTS:Now You Can Like All Status Of The Current Pages Withought Pressing Any Button.Just Install This Script And Restart You Browser,AUTO LIKER.Note:You Have To First Install The "GrseMon"Addon For This Trick Going To Work."Install Comment Auto Liker Here"

3:PROTECT AGAINST PHISHING:For ProtecTing Your Facebook From Fake Pages,Scams Etc.Just Install TheFB ProtectorAddon And Enjoy.WheneverYou Are Going Towards Wrong Or Fake Site Or Link Or Appliion,This Addon Will Warn You Against Some Suspeciast Activity.

4:INTEGRATE FACEBOOK INTO YOUR BROWSER:This Mns Now You Can Use You Browser ToolBar For Finding Friend,Connecting With Them,By Using Just A Button /Tool Bar In your Browser.Just InstallFacebook Toolbar,And Enjoy your Happy Facebook Life.
5:Update Your Status Withought Opening Your Facebook ID,Just Go To This Site And Register There,Else,Click On "Facebook Connect".And Post Your Status Withought Opening your Facebook.GO HERE.
6:SCHEDULE YOUR FB MESSAGES:Yes,You Can Now Schedule You Facebook Status Or Posts,For Posting Them On You Choosen Time.For Doing This Register Here First Than Save Your Status Message and Time At Which You Want The Message To Be Posted On Your FB Wall.Register Here
7:Check Link For Virus:For Checking Links, Photos, s, URLs And Other Things On Your Facebook Homepage For Viruses,Just Install This Appliion And Restart Your Browser.Now Right Click On The Link Which You Want To Be Checked For Viruses And The Link Will Be Scanned By "Top 40 Antivirus".Install Link FromVTZILLA ADDON
8:HIDE SPAMMY APPLIION:To Hide Spammy Appliion Posts And Other Clutter From your FB,Just Install This Addon And Enjoy.FB PurityAddon hides All Those Kind Of Things From Your FB Homepage And Makes Your Facebook Cln.
9:Chat With Your FACEBOOK Friend From Your Desktop:
You Can Chat With Your Facebook Friend ,Withought Opening Your Browser,Just Download And Install "Chit Chat For FaceBook",And Enjoy With Your Friends.
10:Save Your Status Messages ,Photos,s,Firends,Notes,Directly Into Your Hard Drive By Using This Simlpe Firefox Addon ,Named As "Archive Facebook".
11:Download s Of Your Friends On Facebook:
If You Want to Download Your Friend's Which He/She Has Uploaded,Than You Require This Simple and sy To Use Extension , By using Which ,You Will Be Able To Download s From Your Facebook.Install Facebook Download FromHERE
12:CHANGE FACEBOOK BANNER:you Can Change Colour Of Your Facebook By Using A Nice Addon Named As "FB Banner CHANGER",Just Install It,Restart Your Browser,And Do Whatever Colour You Want To Assign To Your Facebook Banner.
To Know Who Removed You From There Facebook,You Have To Install ThisScript,Than Restart Your Browser And Than Open Facebook,This Script will Let You Know Who Deleted You.This Script Requires Grse mon Scripts To Be Installed In Your Browser.
14:Auto Poke:You Can Now Auto Poke Your Facebook Friends By Using This Simple Scrip Named As"FB Auto Poke".Even You Can Poke Back With It.
15:Edit Facebook Page:This Is A Cool Trick,By Using This You Can Edit Any One's Names One Your Facebook.Just Copy Paste Below Script In The Address Bar Of Your Browser,And Hit Enter,Than You Can Edit Field Shown In Blue Fonts.
Script :javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';document.designMode='on';void0
If you Want To Bookmark Your Favourite Appliion Of Facebook,For se Of Use,Than Download And Install ThisFacebook Appliion Bookmarks
Addon And Enjoy.

This Firefox Addon Enables Your To Hover Large s,Emotions,Select All Friends And Many Other Cool Functions.Download From Here

Use This Appliion For Auto Liking Of Any Facebook Page,sily And Smoothly.Download Here

19:Disable Photo Thtre Effects:
If you Want To Disable Thtre Effects Of Photos And s On Facebook,just Download And InstallFacebook Thtre Killer,And Enjoy.

You Can Now Remove All Annoying Ads From Your Facebook,With Just A Click Of Button,Mns Download ThisFacebook Ads Removal Extension.

If you Want To Save Your Facebook Photos,s,s,Posts,Than Just Install This Cool Plugin,Save Your Facebook Content,And Feel Enjoy.

Yes,This Is Absolutely Right,You Can Change Skin Of Your Facebook As You Wish,As You Want,By UsingPimp My FaceBook SkinAddon.

Chat With Your Twitter And Facebook Buddies,From Your Tool Bar,(Friend Toolbar),And You Can Send Messages,s,Posts Status,And Can Do Whatever You Normally Do On Regular Facebook.

24:NOW YOU CAN VIEW,Public Photos Of your Friends,Any Time,Using This CoolFacebook Photo Stalker, Just Right Click On Your Friend,And Select "View Photo Using Photo Stalker".

This Appliion Addon Will Let Facebook Notify You About Harmfulness Of A Website ,Which You Want To Visit,So This Addon Makes Your Surfing Secure As Well.Download Here

If You Want that All Of Your Yahoo,MSN,Gmail,AOL Etc Account At One Place,Than Try This Extension,ThisGatheraAddons Will Let You Chat On Many Different Social Sites.

This Extension Brings Back Your Old Pretty Smooth Facebook Chat Bar,By Replacing Or Hiding New Chatbar.Install Get Old Facebook Back.

How to hide some information on Facebook from certain friends ?You would like to share information in your Facebook, but you don�t want to show them to some of your certain friend.
You no need to unfriend them, you no need to set to every photo albums, and every status, you just need few settings in theprivacysettings there in your Facebook.Privacy SettingsManage BlockingEdit Restricted there, On the List ( friend )FriendsSelect certain friends ( with checked )Click Finish

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