Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Change Status Of Someone's Facebook Account

Most of us know that Facebook allows us to update our status using our mobile phone. This fture is called Facebook Text. If you have Facebook Text enabled, you have to just type in the status and send this message to �923223265? using your registered mobile phone. Facebook will automatically update your status.

IMPORTANT!! : The slave MUST have the Facebook Text fture enabled in their account , if they don't then this will not work

So, in this Facebook , we will use SMSGlobal to change the status of your friend. SMSGlobal allows us to send message to any from anyone�s . That is, we will send Facebook a fake SMS from your friend�s registered mobile .

Facebook will think that the message has been sent by your friend and his status will be updated according to the message contents sent by us.

1. Go to and register for an account.

2. After logging in to your account, click on �Send SMS to a �

3. Enter the information as follows:

Send SMS To: 919232232665
Sender ID From: The registered mobile of your friend.
Message: The status you want to update for your friend. Enter anything you want. It will appr as your friend�s new status.

Hit on Send SMS.

4. Now, Facebook will update your friend�s status to the message you have sent.

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