Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Phone unlock J5 / J6 / J70 / J70
and probably the old Z - series ...

* # 73287489263373738 #

> * <<* <* - Service menu

<* * <- br="" lock="" menu="">

* # 06 # displays IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

The following displays information about the software in the first line and detail. on the CPU and OS in the second and third row.

# 8377466 # (# version #)

In rlier versions of the above mentioned does not work, but you can try the following:
In the OSM PHONE SETTINGS - FACTORY SETTINGS and click once. The display will show "Factory Setting Yes No". Do not do or anything more, lve this menu, for what it is.
Move the main switch the phone a bit to the right (a little mns so that contact was interrupted, but not long enough to turn off the phone)
Now we collect
# * 04
On display will be information about the software.

this is for Eriksson
works for the K500 and K700

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